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Furniture for big screen tv. Broyhill home furniture. Rooms direct furniture

Furniture For Big Screen Tv

furniture for big screen tv

furniture for big screen tv - Quakehold! 4065

Quakehold! 4065 TV Strap

Quakehold! 4065 TV Strap

You may have forgotten how heavy that TV is, and it would be a bad thing to be reminded of this during an earthquake. To prevent injury or-at the very least-a broken TV, Quakehold!'s TV strap lets you secure your TV to a stable surface or wall. If you want to move the TV to another room temporarily, unstrapping is easy thanks to the quick-release buckles. Installation is a matter of attaching the adjustable straps into a few buckles, then peeling off the adhesive backing so you can attach the buckles to a stable surface (you'll need to screw the buckle into a stud if you're attaching it to a wall). Seems like a small amount of work to do in order to avoid being squashed in an earthquake, doesn't it? Works with screens of up to 25 inches-for larger screens you'll need two kits.--Josh Dettweiler
What's in the Box
Adjustable straps, buckles

87% (9)

Transition 20071027N 093

Transition 20071027N 093

For the first time since we built the house in 1992, we were able to rearrange the great room furniture when we got the new flat screen TV (which is now mounted on the wall behind it in the picture.) Always before we had a big old tube TV in that corner behind the loveseat, between the sliding doors and the big window, and that determined the position of the couch and John's easy chair. It's very refreshing to be able to reorient things. This photo shows the beginning of the process.

Scale Fail

Scale Fail

I'm currently working on a Cafe-Corner scale building, and I've been building some furniture for it. Unfortunately, I haven't been thinking clearly about the scale - this furniture takes up half the room. I need to be thinking and building smaller.

L to R: refrigerator, big screen tv, stereo console

The refrigerator doesn't have a back, and it has a piece of tape on top of it. The tape isn't holding it together, it's holding it together better.

furniture for big screen tv

furniture for big screen tv

Big Screen Rome

Big Screen Rome is the first systematic survey of the most important and popular films from the past half century that reconstruct the image of Roman antiquity.

The first systematic survey of the most important and popular recent films about Roman antiquity.

Shows how cinema explores, reinvents and celebrates the spectacle of ancient Rome.

Films discussed in depth include Stanley Kubrick’s Spartacus, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and Terry Jones’s Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Contributes to discussions about the ongoing relevance of the classical world.

Shows how contemporary film-makers use recreations of ancient history as commentaries on contemporary society.

Structured in a way that makes it suitable for course use, and features issues for discussion and analysis, and reference to further bibliographic resources.

Written in an energetic and engaging style.

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